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March 28, 2014
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Pay to pee - Jamaican frustrated with inadequate, costly public lavatories
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

Many Jamaicans say they are faced with a major problem of having to contend with the not-enough public lavatories in the Corporate Area.

It may come as a surprise to many that numerous popular establishments in and around the Corporate Area are known to deny access to individuals that are in desperate need of using their facilities. In many cases, persons are shunned upon refusing to make purchases in order to gain admission of same.

"If yu whaa urinate, yu can't keep it up till yu reach home. Most fast-food restaurant, normally dem tell yu the bathroom not working or is only for dem staff." one woman told THE weekend STAR.

She later revealed that she had not considered paying to use the public restrooms provided by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) as she finds them to be unclean.

A representative from the KSAC refuted the claims stating that there are, in fact, ample, well-maintained facilities in Kingston and St Andrew. however there is an unwillingness displayed by persons to pay to use them.

"To offset the cost of cleaning agents and maintenance, it's recommended that persons pay $20 or $30. Most people don't want to pay," the representative told THE weekend STAR.

"If you check any of the bathrooms that belong to the KSAC, all of them are exceptionally clean. The bathrooms are well- kept."

There are over 10 such public lavatories, with units located in Lawrence Tavern, Barbican Road, Papine, Half-Way Tree and The St William Grant Park, downtown Kingston, to name a few," he added.

Seventeen-year-old B&B University College student Tanece Mignott expressed her concern, noting that persons have resorted to urinating in public.

"I just pass one around there so doing it. I am fully against public urination, it smells! They should put up more signs saying 'do not urinate'. Restaurants and so around the place can charge people a fee to use the bathroom, but people not going to want to pay." Mignott said.

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