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April 3, 2014
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Vybz Kartel foretold his fate?

Vybz Kartel - File

Based on the lyrics of a Vybz Kartel song which recently surfaced on the Internet called Mama, it would appear that the deejay foretold his current predicament with the law.

The song was produced by TJ Records off a remake of the 90s Baby Wayne hit record Mama.

Many Vybz Kartel fans have taken to social media, speculating that the deejay is talking about his current situation. Some websites have even argued that the deejay is contemplating suicide behind bars due to suggestive lyrics like,

"Mama we waan come out yah, di grung too tuff, me miss me sofa. Mama come check me lata, di place too small, dem grill di winda. Mama, check yuh pastor fi help, mi waa piece a rope cause mi muss hang mi self," Vybz Kartel sings.

Record producer Elvis Redwood says Vybz Kartel was simply having a Tupac Shakur moment in the recording booth over two years ago when he recorded the song.

Tupac Shakur was murdered in 1996, however, several songs which were released after his death, sold the idea that the rapper was still alive due to the fact that their contents spoke of modern events.

"The song was recorded before... It's like Tupac, Vybz Kartel went to jail before so he was writing about that experience which is why he did Back To Life and this one," Elvis claims.

The producer also believes that persons are misinterpreting the song, while others have taken the meaning too literal.

"When a man hang himself in a movie, dat nuh mean sey him hang for real. Some people in the same situation as Kartel might do that, but he is not going to do such a thing," the producer reassured.

Elvis also revealed that new Vybz Kartel singles will be released to the public under a new moniker, Addi Innocent. He also advises other producers who have unreleased songs for the incarcerated deejay to release them under the name Vybz Kartel, aka Addi Innocent.

So Unique Records is getting set to release singles Guest House and The Goods in coming weeks.

Following last week's postponement, Kartel's sentencing is expected to be handed down today.

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