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April 9, 2014
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WOMEN GO DIRTY ON VIDEO - Clip upsets Facebook users
Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

Atape which captures two women in a heated argument about the cleanliness of each other's genitals has gone viral online and has earned the ire of viewers.

In the two-minute-long video, which was posted on Facebook recently, the women could be seen arguing in the street with their underwears pulled down and breasts exposed, as small children and other community members looked on.

A woman in a dress could be heard telling a woman dressed in black, "guh home and bathe! Guh home and bathe!" In response, the woman pulled down her pants and underwear while yelling, "show underneath yuh! Show underneath yuh!"

The other woman swiftly did her bidding and pulled up her dress, pulled down her underwear and displayed her genitals to the woman.

The women, much to the delight of onlookers, began to have a face-off, turning to a woman holding a baby, displaying their unclad genitals.

The woman in the dress proceeded to lift her leg with her vagina exposed, while the woman in the black outfit followed suit, stating, "mi can skin out my own too."

The woman in the dress replied, "yuh stink and don't smell good, from last night ... ah tell har!"

Further angered, the woman in the black outfit continued to answer.

The brief video concluded with the women bickering.

The film, which has received over 1,500 shares on Facebook, has upset viewers especially women.

"Dem tings deh nasty, dem just mek Jamaican women look bad. People, not every Jamaican woman is like dem dutty gyal deh," a Facebook viewer commented.

Another added, "no sah, them stay bad, them sick stomach and worst a big woman them!"

While another stated, "no moral or self-respect for themselves or their family. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves for the upbringing of these two society rejects."

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