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April 9, 2014
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Residents claim ... We want No more Coke
André Williams and Bjorn Burke, STAR Writers

Demonstration in west Kingston.

"No More Coke ... No Young Generation ... All Coke must go", were some of the chants, openly declared by residents of Denham Town, west Kingston, yesterday during a peaceful protest, in light of the recent flare-up of violence.

The residents, mainly women and children, say thy are now seeking to break from the bondage of donship, which once ruled over their community for many years before the May 2010 incursion.

When THE STAR arrived in the community shortly after 4 p.m., there were placard-baring protesters, some of whom hid their faces to avoid being victimised. They expressed their issues with members of the Coke family, of which the incarcerated Dudus is a member and others have been listed as persons of interest by the police.

A woman told our news team, "This last killing here is the one that hurt. The police need fi step up on the Coke family. The police dem run we in at nights and when dem gone di gunman dem come after. The children dem crying out for help."

Some of the children who were on hand during Friday's fatal shooting and managed to escape injuries joined in the protest at Charles Street and Chestnut Lane corner.

They told THE STAR, "We scared and we feel bad. A wi best friend dem kill. We and him go same school. We afraid and we want the police to protect us. Sir, mi really, really afraid."

According to the residents, the recent flare-up of violence is being blamed on a division between members of the Coke family and other fractions, who are no longer willing to join with them.

A resident said, "... A foolishness cause Dudus set the peace so dem (Young Generation, aka YG), fi leave it like dat. True we and bridge man dem a friend now so dem expect we fi continue war and kill off we one another, but it can't work."

The resident further stated that; "During incursion, we fight together, die together and cry together, enuh."

There were also claims that Tivoli Gardens residents have switched allegiance to the People's National Party and wanted it to spread to Denham Town and throughout western Kingston.

"Dem say we are dem stronghold and we gone to the other side gone mek peace. Dem (Tivoli Garden people) say dem a PNP now, we nah switch, our MP Desmond McKenzie is good ... We don't have no fault with him," said a woman, who vowed she would never switch from 'Green', the colour worn by the Jamaica Labour Party.

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