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April 10, 2014
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Fuels Bacchanal Jamaica Socacise

This man was well stocked up with Gatorade for the Bacchanal Jamaica Socacise event at the Mas Camp. - Contributed

Providing samples and hydration, Gatorade is always on location to replenish, rehydrate and refuel workout warriors at the Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival Socacise events.

Each week, Gatorade dispenses many items within its product line to soca revellers. The brand also offers special deals on the purchase of Gatorade, such as Gatorade squeeze bottles.

Gatorade is ideal for such an event as it is useful in the replenishing of lost water, electrolytes and carbohydrates excreted in sweating.

muscle cramps

Known to be the ultimate sport drink, Gatorade is not just used as a thirst quencher for these workout warriors, but it can help prevent dehydration and muscle cramps during and after these strenuous workout activities. While partaking in these workout activities is fun and exciting, water may not be sufficient to replenish lost fluids, hence the consumption of Gatorade is recommended.

soca mixes

The event, which is held at the Mas Camp, Stadium North, Mondays and Wednesdays, pulls a large crowd. Certified Fitness instructor Karelle Ashley, who is known as a specialist in aerobics, had the 'socaphiles' working up a storm to various soca mixes played by Clive Buddo at the last staging.

Cornelia Nathan, brand manager for Gatorade, notes that the event is perfect for her brand as the event is all about fitness and Gatorade is the best hydration beverage in the world.

"As we work out or dance, we lose vital minerals and fluids through sweat. Water isn't always enough to replenish your body. Gatorade is proven to completely rehydrate while adding back electrolytes and minerals," she said.

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