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April 10, 2014
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Truck runs off road, damages church - Members claim crash a blessing in disguise
André Williams, STAR Writer

People recover goods which fell from the truck that crashed into a church on the Mount Rosser main road yesterday. - Ian Allen

An act of God. That's what residents are calling an incident in which a truck, laden with goods, overturned on a church in Mount Rosser, St Catherine, yesterday, destroying its structure, but miraculously there were no injuries.

THE STAR understands that the truck, containing corn flakes and energy drinks, ran off the Mount Rosser main road and flipped over almost on to the roof of The Church of Jesus Christ, Mount Rosser.

When our news team arrived on the scene about 10:30 a.m., scores of looters were seen scavenging on whatever they could put their hands on.


The driver of the truck, who THE STAR was told appeared to be shaken up, was not on the scene.

A woman, while standing inside the church with food items in hand, said, "a God mek this happen, yuh know from when wi church want fix."

Another remarked, "This is a blessing in disguise."

For approximately half hour, while our news team was on the scene, there were no police personnel in sight.

The traffic situation was another cause for concern as motorists, instead of continuing along the roadway, watched and in some instances were seen asking the looters for samples.

THE STAR noticed that as soon as there were no goods left, men began to scrap the truck.

When asked if anyone had seen the driver, a man expressed, "Bwoy mi only hear him say dat him know the truck did overload."

Our news team gathered that the truck was not removed from the scene until about 5 p.m. The Ewarton police are investigating.

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