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April 10, 2014
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Alpha Boys' School is not closing down

The Alpha Boys' School has advised that the school is not closing in June and that the students continue to attend classes and trade training in a safe and supervised environment.

A release from the school said there is absolutely no truth to a rumour suggesting that the home is shutting down largely because of inappropriate behaviour.

Alpha Boys' School and the Sisters of Mercy, the release said, are pleased to announce the completion of a successful kick-starter fundraising campaign completed on Monday. The campaign raised more than US$23,000 with the support of an international community of donors to fund the renovation of a room at the old junior dormitory.

new facilities

The room will become the new home of Alpha Boys' School Radio for Alpha students to learn audio production and radio broadcasting skills. In addition, Alpha's music studio is soon to become a reality and the Alpha screen-printing programme will be unveiling its new facilities on campus in the next month with backing from a variety of local partners.

Winston 'Sparrow' Martin, the current bandmaster who is part of a special advisory committee for the school's organisational planning process, said:

"Alpha Boys' School is not shutting down. Alpha, is in fact, taking significant steps to increase and expand the education and vocational programmes. I have been a part of the transition process and I am looking forward to these positive developments".

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