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April 11, 2014
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Craigy T gives up car for Lent - Plans annual Hellshire Walk For Hypertension
Shereita Grizzle, STAR Writer

Craigy T - file

Dancehall artiste and member of the group T.O.K, Craigy T, has given up his car for the season of Lent. The entertainer has taken a vow to ride or walk to varying destinations for a period of 40 days.

When The WEEKEND STAR spoke to Craigy T yesterday, the artiste revealed that he was already on day 33 in his sacrificial quest.

He went further to explain that his vow to give up his car is from a spiritual place and doesn't mean he's hiding his earnings in any way.

"The funniest thing I've heard during this whole thing is that I'm hiding my money by opting to ride my bicycle, but that's not the case," he said.

While explaining that this venture has nothing to do with religion, Craigy T says the decision did come from a spiritual place. "Spiritual strength comes from personal sacrifice. There is no religious reason behind it because other people give up things during this period". He explained that it was that reason that further fuelled his decision and motivated him to continue. "I purposely did it during Lent because I could relax knowing other people are also making sacrifices and it makes it a bit easier for me."


He revealed two instances where driving becomes necessary but says he doesn't do it himself. "If I have an event out of town, someone will drive me and if I am going on the road after 8 p.m., it might be unsafe, so someone takes me as well."

The entertainer, who admits he's never one to shy away from challenges, says the reaction he's got from persons around him has been surprising. "I never knew people would be so excited, so much so that they want to join me," he said. He told The WEEKEND STAR that as a result of the growing interest expressed via social networking, he has initiated plans to have a walk from Meadowbrook to Hellshire Beach in St Catherine this Saturday. "We have about 24 persons on board now and I've been contacted by persons from Corporate Jamaica who have indicated their interest in sponsoring the walk". The sponsors include WATA and Nature Valley.

Because of the interest his sacrifice has generated, Craigy T plans to use the opportunity to start an annual walk. "I am planning to do it every year now. When it approaches Good Friday, I will host the walk (Helshire Walk For Hypertension) that will be in aid of my foundation (Guardian Angel)." Fellow T.O.K member Bay-C will also be joining him on the walk.

Craigy T says the most rewarding thing for him has been the one-on-one time he has got to spend with his fans as he can now relate to more of them on a more personal level.


Craigy T - file

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