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April 11, 2014
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15 students crammed into car - Viral video shocks viewers
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

A viral video posted on Facebook, left several viewers in awe, as 15 school-children crammed themselves into a car.

The almost three-minute long video, believed to have been recorded in Portland, shows the children loading into a Toyota Corolla station wagon.

At the beginning of the tape, the children gathered at the vehicle.

"Di likkle man dem go roun'," one boy insisted, as the children bickered among themselves while deciphering where each should sit.

"Ay bwoy git up nuh bwoy! Rain a come yu nuh bwoy!" another boy shouted.

"Hello, fix good inna di car! Ello, unu put smaddy inna unu lap, make me get fi hold inna di cyar!" one schoolgirl shouted adamantly. The girl, who happened to be the last person to go inside, was seen wiggling her way in as she continued to make a fuss.

By the end of the video, each child had amazingly got inside the vehicle, as it made its way off.

Several viewers commented.

Anika Smith Lawks posted: "imagine how dem uniform crush when dem reach school, pure skillz that tho!! Lol"

Sandra Page added: "No man them kids ya serious me can't believe all a them fit in a the car. The little girl say lap up man lap up meck me fit in a the car lol. On a serious note that's very dangerous one bad driving car or the driver make one mistake me not even want to think bout it".

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