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April 14, 2014
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STAR EXCLUSIVE >>> - Strange 'beast' scares residents
Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

Frightened farmer Everard Perrier shows a damaged banana tree with its bark scraped, which was done by the unknown animal, he said. - Ian Allen

Mystery shrouds the rural community of Cambridge, Portland, after banana trees in the area were destroyed, according to residents, by an unidentified creature they have dubbed 'The Beast'.

Residents told THE STAR that three members of the community have felt the animal's wrath since it started its attacks recently.

One of the victims, 53-year-old Veronica Bishop, said two weeks ago, she woke up to see the destruction of her banana trees by the alleged beast.

"Mi hear the dogs barking around the place. I wake up around 5:30 a.m. and see the banana tree tear up to the root, about four of the trees get eat up and two didn't drop to the ground," she recounted.

Another resident, Harold Jones, 52, stated: "Mi did have a ram and I thought it was the ram that did it. I checked and the ram was still there, suh it must be a large creature to do that."

The third victim was not present during our visit.

shredded by claws

Both Bishop and Jones said the fruits and leaves of the banana trees were left unscathed, with only the bark of the trees being shredded by what appears to be claws.

Residents have ruled out the culprit as being an indigenous animal, claiming it would have eaten the leaves and the bananas and other crops located on the affected properties, instead of just the bark of the trees.

They revealed they also saw what appeared to be strange 'paw' prints in the soil around the banana trees.

"I saw three unfamiliar looking paw print in the soil, the creature has small feet. I think it doesn't walk on all four, but on twos," a resident added.

suspicious attacks

Since the suspicious attacks, some residents have expressed fear. "Mi nuh sleep ah night because ah it. Mi stop go night service," 18-year-old Clive Burke shared.

Another resident stated: "People seh ah animal weh can fly and eat people, so you have people weh fraid."

Both the San San police and the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) were unaware of the incidents.

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