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April 15, 2014
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Ricky Trooper slated for 'Follow Ur Sound'

Heavyweight selector, Ricky Trooper, is looking forward to participating in the no-expletive dancehall clash that will explode at the electrifying 'Follow Ur Sound' event come Sunday, April 27, at Sugarman's Beach, Hellshire, St Catherine.

Trooper is known for his sharp wit and his ability to use polysyllabic curse words and derogatory insults like an old man in a rum bar, but he knows that he will not be handicapped by the no-swearing clause.

"Mi do clean clash more than once. mi go Guinness Sounds of Greatness and win. mi play at Rototom Sunsplash first sound clash in Spain, me and Tony Matterhorn; and mi kill Tony Matterhorn. It nuh matter me, dem still a go dead. The four of we a go clash. mi a play against three. every man deh pon dem own, and mi a go kill dem all," Trooper said.

After this event, he has a three-continent tour lined up, with gigs in Canada, Africa, and Europe.

"Mi usually go Europe for one month, spend two weeks in Canada, and two weeks in Africa as well," the man, who was born Garfield McKoy, said.

Trooper will face off against Body Guard, Silver Hawk, and Flava Unit, vying for $250,000 cash prize for the victor. The clash will be devoid of profanity and indecent language, and each has signed a contract reflecting this. Part proceeds of the event will be donated to the St Mary Infirmary, a charity that promoter, Dexton Ennis, has been supporting for the last 14 years.

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