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April 16, 2014
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Promoters warn ... Car and property theft bad for business
Curtis Campbell, Star Writer

( L - R ) Promoter Snoop Rok, Container Boss

Local promoters Ian Container Boss and Snoop Rok are warning other promoters, as well as patrons, to put more effort into protecting the property of patrons, especially motor vehicles.

According to the promoters who are responsible for Container Satdazs and Early Mondays, respectively, car and property theft is bad for business.

Snoop Rok says hired security personnel must be properly socialised before being allowed to stand watch, because they hold the future success of events in their hands.

"Some of these security personnel might not be at their post at the required time, so promoters must make sure they socialise the people they are hiring properly. If the patrons are not happy, it can put a serious dent in your event," the promoter said.

Snoop Rok also said some freelance security personnel who offer themselves as car watchers at events can be trusted. However, it depends on how they are approached.

"If yu deal wid di youth dem good, dem wi watch yu car, and don't leave important things, because if you leave things under your seat, man wi search dat to," he said.

Ian Container Boss was, however, not one to advise patrons to leave their vehicles under the protection of strangers.

"When yu keep event, it's better to get a secured parking area and employ bouncers, because some of the youth dem wey sey dem a watch car a mek dem friend tief it. Also, you must secure your valuables and park your car in an area that is well lit," the Container Boss warned.

The warning from promoters comes following a Gleaner report that party patrons were being targeted by thieves. One recent incident occurred at a popular event held at Hope Gardens last month, where several cars were broken into while patrons were partying the night away.


Patrons having a grand time partying. - File

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