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April 16, 2014
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Man involved in shooting, robbery of MP's bodyguard hospitalised

Andre' Williams and Crystal Harrison, STAR Writers

One of two men allegedly involved in yesterday's shooting and robbery attempt on Member of Parliament Desmond McKenzie's bodyguards in West Kingston was taken to hospital last night.

The man was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital under police guard.

Information reaching our news team is that the unidentified man, who appears to be in his early 20s, is nursing injury wounds he received to his lower body during the incident.

THE STAR gathered that family members of the injured man learned of his whereabouts and went to see him before they handed him over to the police.

Our news team was on hand at the hospital when members of the Flying Squad arrived with the injured man at 8:30 p.m.

His family members were also eagerly awaiting his arrival, in fear of him being killed by the police.

The injured man's aunt told THE STAR, "We heard where he was so mi and my sister went there and we decide say we gonna give him in we going to turn him in because we can't keep him, yuh understand, that's it!"

The visibly shaken aunt also sought to distance herself from the incident.

"I wasn't on the spot. I go to work I wasn't there so I don't know what took place or anything. I just got a call say him is there suh, and we just go up there and decided to call the police. Yes, is we call the police", said the aunt.

escaped injury

THE STAR was told that he was shot twice. Meanwhile, the MP for West Kingston, Desmond McKenzie, and his bodyguards escaped injury yesterday, after members of his security team were attacked at the intersection of North and Oxford streets in downtown Kingston.

The MP was at a funeral home sorting funeral arrangements for the child who was gunned down in the community on April 4.

McKenzie said he has no idea what is behind the attack or if he was the target.

The West Kingston police investigation is ongoing.

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