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April 17, 2014
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Koddy gets 15,000 YouTube spins with 'My Style'

Koddy - File

Rebel Soulz recording artiste Koddy is now in the studio working on an album which will feature stylish production from Jamaican, American and Japanese producers.

The sexy Japanese artiste has been making waves in the world of reggae-dancehall with her new single, My Style.

"We are looking at doing some combinations with prominent Jamaican artistes as Koddy continues to fine-tune her Japanese-Jamaican deejay style. The public has really responded well to My Style, where she fully experimented with dancehall. That song has over 15,000 views on YouTube already in only three weeks," Richard Mason, CEO of Rebel Soulz label, said. "Right now, she is getting like 700 views a day on average for My Style. The fans love her style."

In the meantime, her team is aggressively promoting the single on FM radio in Jamaica.

The video has been playing it on HYPE TV, and fans can vote for her by texting her name and that of her video to 444-2453.

It has not been all roses for Koddy, as some Internet detractors have been heaping criticism on her. "I have my fair share of haters for whatever reason, but this, I know, is just the price of doing business. I must be doing something right to get that reaction. But respect to all people, whether Jamaican, Japanese, Asian, American, European, British or any race. Peace, nuh matter weh you come from, is universal and ah dat mi say," Koddy said.

Koddy will be releasing a roots-reggae single, How You Mean, within the next month. The album will be completed later this year.

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