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April 17, 2014
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Woman curses operators of Chinese restaurant

A video of a woman who was recorded cursing the operators of a Chinese restaurant, claiming that they prepare meals in unsanitary conditions, has been met with mixed reactions on popular social-networking site Facebook.

"Gimme mi money mek mi cum out. A bare cockroach food unuh a sell and when di meat rotten, dem use vinegar and wash it off," the woman said.

The steamy video, which is over three minutes in length, shows the angry woman making demands for money which she claims is owed to her.


Interestingly, the woman's constant request for funds ($23,700) to be paid over to her and the operators unwillingness to comply have caused some persons to speculate that her claims are malicious.

The name of the Chinese restaurant has not been mentioned in the video. However, some persons who claim that they know the eating place have identified it.

One person wrote, "She didn't have a problem preparing or selling nasty food until they owe her ... it's okay to give people $##$% to eat once u a get pay? Cause a nuff things she name out," Geo Geo said.

Narda Garvey Lyle wrote: "Lol, wish I never eat Chinese ever yuck."

Darkqueen BarbeeDollz Legacy said, "This is true, I saw roach in deh one time, nasty."

Adrian Royalty Gardner, who found the video funny, wrote, "Nuff dog and rat me eats but them food taste good tho, naah lie hahahaha."

Shane Edwards wrote, "she dis bex cuz dem no pay har. She never mind serving us with the roach spoon when dem a pay har an a bet she use to eat d same food to. Bad mind," he said.

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