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April 22, 2014
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DJ remixes Kartel voice notes ... Releases video using online footage

Vybz Kartel- File

A disc jockey has created a music video remix using online footage and Vybz Kartel's controversial voice notes.

The remix is two minutes and 28 seconds long and sees the DJ using soca and dancehall rhythms to make music with the alleged evidence that jurors used to convict the Grammy Provisional list of nominees deejay.

The DJ did not want to reveal his name to the public when contacted by The STAR. However, his video is doing the rounds on social networks, receiving more than 370 shares on Facebook and making thousands of impressions.

The DJ also added humour to the video buy using video clips of Vybz Kartel using a BlackBerry while his song Touch Me If Yuh Bad is played in the background, putting emphasis on the line "Yuh ever kill a lizard".

Touch Me If Yuh Bad was released before the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams but became famous after media outlets used it as background vocals for their coverage of the many stories that surrounded Vybz Kartel's trial.

Video clips featuring the famous Gecko lizard from the comedic Geico advertisements were also used by the DJ to bring across the storyline. One scene shows the Gecko lizard dancing to Vybz Kartel's song. Another scene shows the lizard sailing in a boat while Vybz Kartel's voice note complements the scene as the deejay says, "Dem bwoy deh fi guh wey." One of Vybz Kartel's cronies is also heard saying, "Di man dem a sey it look like dem cut, enuh."

Clips from Vybz Kartel's Clarks video were also used to add visual humour to the voice note in which the deejay was complaining that he wanted his 'shoes' returned.

According to the DJ, the response to his music video remix has been positive. "My friend, whom I work alongside, told me to do the remix because he knew I could do it. It's fun, and the reception has been crazy. I had my Facebook page flooding with friend requests and comments. people are texting my page saying they need me to edit for them, but I'm ok. I just love audio and video editing with a passion, that's all," he said.

Some viewers also shared their thoughts on the remix. "It sick mi DJ - I love how yu change the rhythm pon it," one viewer said. Another shared: "SICK SICK SICKK."

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