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April 23, 2014
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Cops end dance because of bad-behaving selector

The Ewarton police in St Catherine clamped down on a session in that community on the Easter weekend, after a veteran sound system selector rinsed out several expletives, much to the disapproval of the cops.

The selector was playing at a party in the Ewarton community last Saturday night.

THE STAR was on location when the selector started cursing expletives, some directed at the lawmen who approached him and told him that the session couldn't go on.

Patrons were also the target of a few of the expletives as they made their way through the exit when the selector announced on the microphone that he was told that he was not allowed to play any more music.

The incident happened at the height of the party that was already affected by a low turnout, "Him (selector) too bad, di police dem did affi do something cuz him jus a cuss di bad words dem fi no reason," one patron was heard saying.

Another patron told THE STAR that he wasn't surprised at the selector's behaviour, "Now, tell me, you think say di police dem would a just stand up and mek him jus a disrespect dem so," he said.

When contacted, the selector in question told THE STAR that he was working at the event, but was clueless as to why the party came to an end.

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