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April 23, 2014
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White Hall residents sceptical of drinking water
Jolyn Bryan, Star Writer

Several weeks after the National Water Commission's White Hall Source was contaminated with an unknown chemical, residents of the community are still sceptical about their drinking water.

Last month, the communities of White Hall, Soho, Seaforth, Middleton and Golden Valley were without water for several days as the NWC flushed the water out of the dam, after it was contaminated by poison introduced by several men who had gone to the river to catch fish.

The water has since been cleaned, but residents are concerned about the long-term effects the chemicals may have on them, as well as the fish in the nearby Plantain Garden River, which they say is a source of food as well as income for several of them.

"They don't tell us what the guys use," one resident, who preferred to go unnamed said, "and we don't know if it lingering in the water or if it still in the fishes that they didn't kill."

The residents are also concerned that there has been no news of any arrests or prosecution of the men who poisoned the river, resulting in several dead fish along the riverbanks near the NWC's pipeline. The Star was unable to ascertain the status of the Morant Bay police investigation into the matter.

White Hall residents are pointing out that the incident has highlighted a weakness in the NWC's operations in the community.

The residents are calling on the NWC and the National Environment and Planning Agency to step in and address the issues.

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