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April 24, 2014
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Dynamites bring energy to the stage
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

- photographs by Colin Hamilton

Contestants on Dancin' Dynamites showed much versatility when they took on the oldies theme at the Karl Hendrikson Auditorium, Jamaica College, St Andrew, on the weekend.

The show that was recorded on Saturday, but aired on Sunday on TVJ, saw eight groups performing to songs from some of the top dancehall acts from the mid to late '90s. While some of the songs might be older than some of the contestants, the dancers managed to stick to the theme and executed well, with the audience showing approval with loud horns and near-deafening vuvuzelas.

Some of the better groups were Extreme Pushers, Fearless Skankaz and Cameron Skankers, who were all rewarded with the highest possible scores.

The afro-wearing Extreme Pushers were commended for their choreography and use of stage. Fearless Skankaz did not have a completely clean routine, as there was a major mishap with one of the chairs that was being used as a prop.

"Unuh nuh fear nutten, unuh neat, everything set and the crowd love unuh," guest judge Flourgon said, before giving Fearless Skankaz their score.

Cameron Skankers had one of the biggest finishes for the entire show. Moving swiftly out of their regular choreography, the two men swung the female while holding her hands and legs. This was followed by her doing an elevated split.

"The energy was mad. I felt like I was getting a history lesson ... the choreography, fashion up up up up," said judge Kerry-Ann Henry, while adding that the female brought balance to the group.

Although they did not receive perfect scores, Classic Dancers were commendable, getting 18 out of a possible 20 points. Dustville and Born Steppers also did relatively well.

High schoolers from Camperdown High and Knockalva Technical High did not get perfect scores, but they were almost on par with their competitors.

"The energy was really good, really high. I loved your use of material and I loved the comedy of it," Henry said of Camperdown.

While she believed Knockalva did their research, she thought they could have used the stage more.

The show ended with Flourgon singing songs such as Bounce and Horny Goat while being surrounded by the energetic dancers.


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