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April 24, 2014
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'Granny' gyrating video goes viral on Facebook

A viral video posted to social networking website Facebook recently, has caught the attention of several, as an elderly woman is seen gyrating to a selection of racy dancehall offerings.

The video, which shows scenes of an elderly woman, clad in a pink blouse, hot pink skirt and what can best be described as a 'church hat', took to the street dancing provocatively in front of a popular patty establishment located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The woman, referred to only as 'Granny' throughout the video, had spectators in a frenzy as she boasted moves reminiscent of popular dancehall dance 'One Drop' among others. Several expletives were hurled by spectators as the geriatric continued to surprise them with new moves.

"La la la la la la la la Ayy, granny hot!" said one female spectator as she marvelled.

"Kill it granny, kill it granny!" another remarked.

Several viewers commented positively to what they deemed good-humoured antics.

"Dwrcl ... granny a one drop !!! shi bad. Shi shotttt, shi a dun di place. Shi bad from shi born, old age cyaa cool har, no sah!!! mi fraid. GRANNY?!!!!!!!!!" one viewer commented.

"She is as old as she feels, apparently she feels very young" another added.

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