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April 25, 2014
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Ce'Cile, Chris Martin split
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

( L - R ) Ce'Cile, Chris Martin

'I lost a boyfriend, my daughter has not lost a dad'

Although she has never publicly said who she was dating, singer Ce'Cile yesterday confirmed that she is no longer dating fellow singer Christopher Martin, who also fathers her child.

"I never publicly said who I was dating, but whoever I was dating is no longer in the picture," Ce'Cile told THE weekend STAR, chuckling.

"I have been single for a few months now. I can confirm that. There's no drama or anything attached to it. There's a time and place for everything, and I guess this time has expired."

When asked if the end to their relationship will affect their 20-month-old child, Ce'Cile says that will not pose a problem.

"I lost a boyfriend, my daughter has not lost a dad. It should never be entangled. He's a good dad," she said.

Despite what has happened in her relationship, Ce'Cile says motherhood is going great.

"That's great, the hardest part is leaving my daughter. She likes going out, she likes putting on shoes. Once she sees the handbag, shoes and make-up, she takes up her shoes and she's ready to go. She will be two in August and will be starting school. She's a bright little girl, she's well rounded," Ce'Cile said.

And although her daughter has been on tour with her in the past, Ce'Cile says it will be difficult to leave her to go away for shows.

"It's hard to leave her to go away. The travelling is going to get a little hectic. Now that she is going to start school, she won't (be travelling)," she said, noting that her toddler has been to places like Sweden, Germany and the United States.

Instead, Ce'Cile says her plan is to make sure her daughter goes to a foreign country every year. She says she also wants to make sure her child is versed in another language.

Also high on her agenda is her album.

"I've always done albums by territory. On this album, I am going to do all of me and promote it everywhere. I am loving the stuff that I am recording," she said.

She says she has already recorded 13 songs and will return to Miami soon to record the additional songs with producer Jon FX.

Ce'Cile was also excited about her new record label, YGMG. She says she has signed Sparrow Blaxx and her brother Don Rican (formerly Q-Ban), and she is also working with Richie Loop. She says all four of them will be on the 'Dancehall Bruk Out' rhythm that will be released by her label. In addition, she said Sparrow Blaxx's Life So Rough will be released soon.

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