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April 26, 2014
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Dancehall artiste bleaches skin live onstage

Don André

Curtis Campbell, STAR Writer

United Kingdom based dancehall artiste Don André, has angered fans on YouTube following the young artiste's decision to bleach his face live, onstage during a recent performance at an Alkaline concert.

The deejay, who has a pro skin-beaching song, Creamie, said he bleached his face onstage to show patrons what his song, Creamie, was all about.

"When mi sey, Creamie, a dis mi a talk bout. A nuh whip cream nor ice cream, look pan mi thing, pass mi cream, mi a guh show unno history, watch this live look pan mi face, mi did black doh? And now mi face white, doh? A di baddest thing a road," he bragged as he applied the product to his face, as the audience watched in shock.

Following his taboo onstage antics, the deejay proceeded to perform his song, Creamie, but cut it short, as the response was not favourable.

So distasteful was the video on YouTube.com that it was viewed more than 5,000 times and not one comment was made up to news time. It received 27 dislikes and seven likes.

The deejay also released Bleach Out, in which he blatantly defends his actions.

"I'm so brown and I am proud of it, mi madda dead suh nuhbody cyah tell mi how fi live, mi still a bleach nuh matta how mi skin a strip, and, Jah kno, mi like when girls ask how mi duh it. Bleach out with no regrets, haters can't stop mi now, mi dun duh it pon stage and make it worse ya nowÉbleach out until me get white mi, colour higher than a satellite, I'm so white, I'm so white," he sings.

"Some people really need to bring some creativity to their music," one YouTube viewer commented. Another said, "Mi proud a mi black skin, bout bleach till get white, idiot artiste."

Don Andre is also marketing himself as a product of Vybz Kartel's Gaza camp.


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