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April 29, 2014
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Shamari gets buzz with 'Gangsta's Paradise'


Out A Road Records artiste, Shamari, knows only too well the destruction that gun violence can bring to families as he lost his father violently when he was just three years old.

"It was tough growing up without my father, dealing with the murder of my father andthe constant struggles of my mother who raised me without help. The ghetto is rough, and when I did Gangsta's Paradise, it was an honest depiction of my own struggles, " Shamari said.

That is why is it is so gratifying that he is making a big impression in the dancehall world with his first major release, Gangsta's Paradise.

"The video is getting a lot of rotation on HYPE, RE, and CVM, so it has been a great look for me because the song reflects my life in so many ways," he said.

Born Kemar Shamari Fray, the young singjay has faced trials and tribulations from the outset. Forced to recognise from early that survival was a necessity and only his talent could help him extricate himself from the situation into which he was born, Shamari stayed far from the grimy crime underbelly of the rough community of Tawes Pen in Spanish Town, St Catherine. He focused on using the best parts of his environment to motivate and push him to the next level.

"My mother supported the family by selling goods in the Spanish Town Market. everything I am, I owe to her," he said.

Radio disc jockeys have been giving 'Gangsta's Paradise'excellent rotation because it is a departure from the usual guns-gore-and-girls obsession of dancehall music.

"The people dem a feel the song," he said.

Shamari has another video called Friends With Benefits that is also in rotation on CVM. He will be releasing a mixtape this summmer.

You can follow him on Twitter @shamarimusic.

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