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May 2, 2014
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Multiple Chance Promotion launched for Pick 3, Pick 4 players

Supreme Ventures Limited has launched the Multiple Chance Promotion for its Pick 3 and Pick 4 players. The promotion will run from April 27 - May 24.

The Multiple Chance Promotion gives Pick 3 and Pick 4 players four more chances to win a prize payout. In playing the Pick 3 and or Pick 4 game, players will play as normal by selecting their numbers, base wager and bet type.

If the player chooses to participate in the promotion, they must spend an extra $10 or more and the system will automatically generate four different sets of Pick 3 and or Pick 4 numbers on the same ticket. These numbers will be displayed immediately below their base wager.

The Pick 3 and Pick 4 games have become popular lottery-game options for thousands of Jamaicans to win money.

"As a vendor, the price of fruits and vegetables that I buy to sell are rising weekly. I have been able to use my Pick 3 and Pick 4 payouts to cover some of these costs," commented Margaret Williams.

According to Sonia Davidson, vice president of group corporate communications at Supreme Ventures, "Every day the financial crunch gets a little tighter for persons. We've found that our players appreciate when we establish these promotions, which give them a chance to win more prizes or an increase in their prize payout. We encourage our players to ask their Supreme Ventures agent to get them in the multiple-chance promotion, when placing their wagers for the Pick 3 and or the Pick 4 game."

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