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May 7, 2014
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BUSINESSMAN ACCUSED OF SPREADING HIV - Infected woman reveals his name, contact on WhatsApp

An unidentified woman who claims that a prominent businessman infected her with HIV has taken to popular social application, WhatsApp, to reveal his full name, contact information and warn to other females to stay away from him.

In the warning, the woman gives a lengthy report about how she met the businessman and how she found out that she had the virus.

The woman said that when she met the man he was married, however, he pursued a relationship with her which lasted for several years.

She said that about two years into the relationship, she noticed that he was consistently taking a medication called Atripla, which she later found out was treatment for the virus.

Around the same time when she noticed he was taking the medication under the disguise of multi-vitamins, she said she also found sex tapes with the businessman having unprotected sex.

Some of the sex tapes, she claimed, involved schoolgirls having threesome.

She said that about a year ago, after falling ill, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and later tested positive for HIV.

The woman who claimed that she was devastated, by the news, is giving a warning, "He has problem and needs help. He goes around and picks up bartenders especially. So young ladies working in bars be especially vigilant. Young ladies insist on a condom everytime." she said.

THE STAR understands that under the Offences Against the Person Act, it's an offence to knowingly infect another person with a sexually transmitted disease.

Head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, (CISOCA), Deputy Superintendent Veronica Gilzean, told THE STAR that she is not aware of the well circulated message and requested a copy.

"This is something that I would have to take up with the Ministry of Health. CISOCA deals with offences against persons under 16 years old, over 16 is consensual sex," Gilzean said when she heard the allegations about schoolgirls.

Calls to the businessman's phone went unanswered.

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