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May 8, 2014
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JIS promotes responsible internet use through vlog competition

The Jamaican Information Service (JIS) is urging youths ages 13-18 to take part in its video blog (vlog) competition, in aid of sensitising them about improper use of social media.

The competition's apt moniker 'Who Am I Online', encourages youngsters to use social-media platforms more constructively.

JIS Web Content Writer Stephanie Todd warned youths to "Be mindful that when you put things in cyberspace, it actually exists long after you have done it; and long after you've stopped thinking about it. People can search, find it, and may have certain perceptions about who you are, which may not be true and which could harm you in the future."


Prospective candidates are encouraged to take to video-sharing website YouTube to submit 30-45 second-long entries focusing on common themes, including but not limited to the effects of posting unfavourable images online; the potential of prospective employers analysing the characters of candidates through social media; and the ramifications of revealing one's physical location online, among others. The winning vlog is slated to be used as an official JIS public service announcement.

Candidates are given the option to "either just be talking into the camera to send their message, or they can actually develop a script with different actors, but one of the actors in the vlog must be between 13 and 18 years." Todd explained.

The deadline for entries is May 23.

The JIS requests that candidates post the vlog on YouTube and e-mail the web address/uniform resource locator (URL) to whoami@jis.gov.jm.

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