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May 9, 2014
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Dynamite performances from sponsors, dancers
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Sponsor representatives brought their A-game to Dancin' Dynamites last weekend.

For the recording of last week's show, the sponsors performed with the remaining seven contestants.

The LIME dancer created a storm with Classic Dancers, doing fast moves to pop songs, including a bit of latin flair.

LIME also got quite a bit of promotion when the dancers used '$1.99' promotional boards as props.

"Classic, if mi seh mi proud a unuh one more time. What I like about the routine is the integration of the female. I like the element of surprise," said judge Orville Hall.

Geddes danced with Cameron Skankers and showed energy as eyes were glued to the stage. The prop in this routine was a tin of sausages, with dancers mimicking hungry dogs.

"Good energy, every week. Well done, in terms of presenting a unified choreography," judge Kerry-Ann Henry said.

Born Steppers danced with Supligen, but did not have much of an exciting start, despite numerous musical props. The judges complained that the routine did not build and was mostly flat throughout.

In the midst of the show, a child came on stage because she was lost.

"How unuh fi lose a baby at a TV show? This feel like a fair," host Jenny Jenny said, as she tried to find the parents of the toddler.

The show continued with Extreme Pushers and the Bigga representative. The judges and audience were certainly pleased.

"When a Bird fly weh it go? When a plane fly weh it go? Extreme Pushers bad, so weh dem go? Up up up," Hall said, giving the group perfect scores.

The Burger King representative was integrated in the routine of Dustville Dancers. Whereas the judges thought the routine was decent, they said there could have been better product placement.

Fearless Dancer danced to electronic music and integrated Devon Biscuit into their routine.

"The beginning was very interesting and then unuh maintain this matrix-like thing throughout the routine. Hear wah, mi a talk too much," Hall said, before giving the group a perfect score.

But the show did not end as exciting. Knockalva High was near to disappointing as they danced with title sponsor Charles Chocolate.

Despite the long wait toward the end of the night, none of the contestants were eliminated. Instead, Fearless Dancers and Knockalva High tied far sixth place and will move on to the next show. Classic Dancers received the highest number of votes and were named BK King of the week.

The show ended with a performance from Bugle, who did Eye Red and Nuh Compatible.

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