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May 12, 2014
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FANS WANT SLACKNESS - Female artistes continue the trend of using lewd lyrics to attract
Curtis Campbell, STAR Writer

Lady Saw


Destiny Sparta


In the early 1990s dancehall stalwart Lady Saw was considered rebellious and was given the title 'The Queen of Slackness' by her critics, even before she was considered the Queen of Dancehall.

Much of the backlash Lady Saw endured was due to the lyrics of some of her songs which glorified sex and contained lewd lyrics.

The iconic deejay was at the time merely competing with her male counterparts, who spewed just as much in the way of slackness.

The long-held double standards in the music industry perhaps meant Lady Saw was seen as a rebel rather than as an equal with the men.

Fastforward to 2014, the new generation of female dancehall artistes are become bolder and bolder.

According to that new generation, producing clean music is a certain way to stagnate a career.

Guzu Musiq recording artiste Destiny Sparta, who recently released raunchy dancehall songs like Mek Wi Touch and The Creature, featuring Tommy Lee Sparta and Tabeta Cshae, says the fans are reacting too slowly to positive messages.

"People nuh wah hear the good music. When mi duh positive music and put dem pon YouTube dem nah get nuh views in comparison to when I put up the slack songs. A lot of females don't get played in the dancehall and if the song don't slack yu dead fi hungry inna dancehall," Destiny Sparta said.

The deejay even used recording artiste Assassin as an example of her claim's truth.

Destiny Sparta says The Girls Gone Wild deejay has the full package, but is not getting the attention he deserves in dancehall because his music is clean.

"He is lyrical and he has the full package but still him not getting the full attention because di people dem want slack music. After yu duh the slack music and yu get the people dem attention, then you can feed them some good music," Destiny Sparta said.

Deejay Stylysh who has her fair share of sexually explicit songs including Cree and Gypsy, says simply put "sex sells".

"Everybody doing it right across the board, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and dancehall is the root so we have to pave the way. It's not like we are going slack totally, sometimes we do some real nice songs," she said.

The artiste says lewd music has the capability to show the lyrical prowess of an artiste better.

"When you do too much clean music dem don't tek yu serious. So you have to show dem dat yu bad and that way you will get your ratings in the streets, then you can do some more positive music," she continued.

"Even corporate people love slack music. When dem a come from work dem win' up dem window and a play some real hard-core Spice," she said.

Destiny Sparta is promoting Come Mek Wi Touch, while Stylysh is promoting Gypsy.

Both songs are recorded on UIM's 'Punjabi' rhythm. Stylysh also has a new song with Ishawna.

Dancehall artiste Spice recently released a sexually explicit dancehall song called So Mi Like It.

That effort has more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.com and is the deejay's most popular single since Jim Screechie, which also has sexually explicit content.


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