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May 12, 2014
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Controversy brews after ... Son massages semi-nude mom in video

An online video of a scantily clad woman receiving a massage from a toddler has sparked some controversy about the appropriateness of the woman's actions.

The video, titled 'Mother gets massage from son' has been making its rounds online, and is a two-minute long clip of a woman clad in only her panty, lying on a bed face down, while her son massages her back as they engage in conversation.

The little boy, who was clad in only a T-shirt and underwear, could be seen rubbing lotion on his 'mother's' back while on his knees in the bed, and at another point in the video, while he sits on her underwear clad bottom as she lauds him for his efforts.

The video, which has received close to 800 likes on Facebook and almost 300 shares, has sparked a debate among viewers, with some arguing that the mother was wrong for appearing topless in front of her son, while others defended the woman's actions, stating that they were simply bonding.

"If this was a little girl massaging her dad in his underpants half naked, I know the comments would have been different. You guys would probably call child protective services. It's not appropriate for her to be in her panties getting a sensual body massage," a viewer commented.

Another viewer argued: "You can tell she and her son have a bond, nuff women need that with their son, that's why nuff man don't have respect for women, because they never had that love and bond with their mother."

Another added, "Nothing is wrong wid di video, but what is wrong here is posting it on Facebook, wah dat fah? Keep dat to yourself!"

THE STAR spoke with a senior officer at the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) who said: "I don't know the relationship of the mother and child, and so I won't make a decision based off a video, but why would she want to put that on Facebook? Now that's disturbing!"

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