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May 13, 2014
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ORAL SEX PROMOTION IN DANCE - Girls show off skills at dance

Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

Although considered taboo in Jamaica, a group of scantily clad females proudly demonstrated their oral sex prowess at a party recently.

The women were filmed at a recent party called 'Swagg Thursdays', held every Thursday night on Manchester Street, Spanish Town, St Catherine.

On this particular night, the group, consisting of five women, four of which wore tongue rings, could be seen strutting their stuff in front the camera as they flicked their tongues suggestively while boasting proudly about their 'talent.'

The film, which began with patrons dancing, quickly escalated when the cameraman turned his attention to the women who took the opportunity to show off their 'skills'.

A woman in a red top was seen using a small liquor bottle as a phallic object while another, in a black top, flicked her tongue on the bottle as the first woman moved her hips suggestively.

The deejay was heard in the background encouraging the women bellowing, "big up the naughty girls dem! Weh dem deh?! Weh dem deh?!"

We naa hide

To this the women proudly stated in the camera: "We naa hide weh we a do, when yuh suck ... .yuh man will stay wid yuh!"

A woman in a silver jump-suit, proceeded to demonstrate her skills on a Heineken bottle, spitting on it, then pushing it down her throat. Another of her friends held a Hennessy bottle at her crotch, while another rocked her head suggestively while sucking on it.

Party patrons looked on stunned as the women cheered each other, chastising those who pretended not to do the frowned-on practice.

The video concludes with three women eagerly flicking their pierced tongues against each other's tongue much to the delight of the male spectators and the cameraman.

But despite the women's openness, some viewers were not pleased.

"These girls are tramps, uneducated tramps, do it in the bedroom if you like, but why advertise to the world? These girls you have one-night-stand with, no wifey business," a viewer commented.

Another added, "Your parents must be soooo proud! Unuh sick stomach!"

Another posted, "I have no problem if they do it, but they let me down by behaving like cattle."

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