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May 14, 2014
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Matterhorn, M Gee at odds

Tony Matterhorn, M-Gee - Contributed

Dancehall artiste Tony Matterhorn and M Gee appear to be at odds following a post the up-and-coming artiste made on his Facebook page.

According to M Gee's camp, the artiste attended an event in Philadelphia a few weeks ago that featured Tony Matterhorn as one of the selectors. Immediately after the party, M Gee posted a comment on social media, making reference to a selector who had made disparaging comments towards female patrons.

"FB.. Last night me inna, a dance and a listen to a selector. Every time him talk, the man curse the woman dem, me a wonder if the man have a mother. All now me no hear him compliment the woman dem, the woman dem need fi stop cheer fi certain selector who like bash women,"the post read.

verbal attack

Though not mentioning any specific selector, Tony Matterhorn got wind of the comment and was of the view that it was directed at him. Matterhorn proceeded to launch a verbal attack against M Gee via his Instagram page. He posted a picture of the artiste and stated: "This nasty grazmite went on FB talking yesterday, a retarded hungry something. Mi waan fight Philly girls for not dumping some on him."

With fans of Matterhorn's popular 'After Dark Show' commenting that the M Gee post may not have been directed at him, Matterhorn maintained that he was the one being referred to.

"The punk was talking about me and don't try pretty it up. Tell him Matterhorn said don't with a boss with a clan of women, he won't like it. I was the one talking the things, so who was he talking? From you try draw mi out, my clan will defend that, nuh care ah who. Warn him."

A seemingly surprised M Gee shot back via Facebook saying, "Me talk me mind and dem don't like it, because me a stand up fi woman, memba me no grow with no father so me no like no man, so if you all feel a way, you gone the wrong way."

Fellow dancehall artiste and Producer Unycorn, currently buzzing with singles such as 18 & Ova and Overtake Dem, had a few choice words for Matterhorn. He posted on The 'Dutty Wine' artiste's page: "Tony Matterhorn, a Unycorn a talk, M-Gee is my brother from another mother and if you continue dis him, mi gwaan duh a tune and right off your little half dead career because the whole world know yuh have a mouth fetish with girl toe."

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