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May 14, 2014
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Khago aims to build fan base abroad
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Khago chills on a bike shortly before a performance at a show in Connecticut. - Contributed

Visibly absent from the local music scene, dancehall artiste Khago says he has been busy touring and making a name for himself outside of Jamaica and the diaspora.

In an interview with The STAR recently, Khago said he had been touring the United States for the past three months, going to places like New York, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Washington and Florida. And, in another week, he says, he will be returning to the United States to tour other places.


"It's just a journey. People waan see me from 2011, so mi just a go out deh and give dem what dem did want. Fi go out and do shows for months at a time, nuff artistes fraid fi do dat 'cause dem haffi come back a Jamaica and build back dem ting. But a yuh fan base weh yuh mek overseas a guh mek you can eat 10 years from now," Khago told THE STAR.

"A few people can know your songs inna di diaspora, but some other people nuh know it. Mi a get fi perform fi some people weh a nuh fi wi normal crowd," he added.

But while away from Jamaica, Khago says he will set up a 'street team' so that he will still have a presence in Jamaica even when he is on tour. He also stressed that it makes no sense being the hottest artiste in Jamaica while you are unknown in other countries.


Khago added that he prefers to promote a few good songs than produce thousands in one year without any of them getting any real success.

"Fi have 1,000 song fi di year and none a dem nuh cross over, it nuh mek no sense. Jay Z dem do 15 song fi di year and dem tour pon dat fi di rest of the year. Wi nah mek no money out of the business 'cause wi a do too much songs one time," Khago said.

Nonetheless, in an effort to maintain a presence in Jamaica while he is on tour, Khago says he plans to release Ready For Love, which was produced by Notnice, and I'm Blessed on Seanizzle's 'Happy Boulevard' rhythm.

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