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May 14, 2014
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Kemstyle Studios reaching out to the world

Leighton Levy, Star Writer

Kemstyle studios' five-member teamz of Zavio Beach, Javane Burke, Kemar McZenna, Rohan Edwards and Rojay Fisher. - Contributed

Teenagers leaving school, at times, try finding jobs before aspiring to other pursuits.

However, for a handful of youngsters from Pembroke Hall High, it was more about creating their own jobs, which has seen them creating their own niche.

What is now known as Kemstyle Studios, an entity in the business of making music videos, commercials and motion graphics, started out as a team of producers for an emerging entertainer.

Kemar McZenna, 21, one of the founders, explained that when he and his friends graduated from Pembroke Hall High in 2009, they intended to be producers for an emerging act known as Di Lis.

It would not take them long to discover some harsh realities about the entertainment industry.

"What we found was that the industry is overcrowded with so many young acts wanting to become stars," he said. "So we eventually made the switch and started shooting videos and doing graphics."

Using money saved, and with help of relatives, they acquired cameras, equipment, needed, and got to work. Since then, McZenna, who works by day as a LIME customer service representative at MegaMart; his partners, Rohan Edwards, ironically a Digicel customer service representative at the same MegaMart store; Javane Burke, Zavio Beach and Rojay Fisher, have embarked on the more ambitious venture of producing music videos, graphic designs, and commercials. They have already worked with entertainers such as Masicka, Kabaka Pyramid and Diablo.

They also shoot documentaries, special events such as graduations, weddings, family portraits, as well as produce business cards, birthday cards and logo designs.

He said, however, that Kemstyle's vision is to eventually break into overseas markets, working with even bigger names in the music industry and producing world-class commercials and graphics.

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