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May 15, 2014
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Jamaican 'Jay-Z' fight goes viral

Jay Z and wife, Beyonce. Right: Solange Knowles - AP Photos

Jamaican Internet sensation Andrew Trabass from Trabass TV, YouTube channel, has released a comedic video footage re-enacting the Solange Knowles and Jay Z elevator fight, adding a Jamaican twist.

The two-minute video has gone viral, receiving over 80,000 views on YouTube.com in one day and over 5,965 shares on Facebook.com, creating thousands of impressions.

The video shows Andrew posing as the Jamaican Jay Z with a woman labelled Beyoncé. Another woman, acting as Solange, enters the elevator and asks the Jamaican Beyoncé what is wrong with her eyes and she doesn't answer. However, the Jamaican Solange turns her attention to the Jamaican Jay Z.

"Jay Z, a yu a lick mi sista? Beyoncé a him a lick yu? Yu really mek di man a lick yu? A gyal yu have strength fah!," she says in a rage, while she throws punches and kicks at the Jamaican Jay Z, who hides behind the Jamaican Beyoncé while shouting.

"My girl, know wey yu a duh enuh. Beyoncé yu nuh see yuh sista a lick me. Yu see how yu mek yu sista wah fight mi? Wait till yu guh home, yuh eer; mek she all dutty up mi Tom Ford," he said.

In the meantime, the Jamaican Beyoncé remained, quiet and stayed clear of the argument. An angry Jamaican Solange, however, did not exit the scene before dropping a bomb of an insult.

"Yu likkle ... bwoy, dats why Beyoncé tell mi sey yu ...," she shouted while the Jamaican Jay Z stared in shock and shame.

Several Jamaicans commented on the comedic video citing that they would have taken a different approach if they were the real Jay Z.

"No sah ... a Jamaican man would've knocked her ... out. lol," one viewer said. Another commented, "Someone should tweet this to Jay Z and his sis in-law, plus wife."


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