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May 15, 2014
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Retrofit police stations used to fight crime
Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

The police hierarchy in the St Catherine North Division is trying to control crime by spreading its efforts with the usage of retrofit police stations.

In the latest such addition, the police have activated a unit at the Lime Tree Oval in Lakes Pen in the parish and are getting very good feedback from the effort.

According to Councillor Conrad Hamilton of the St Catherine Parish Council, the addition of the station is helping to allow the police to better spread its number throughout the area, which has many challenges.

''We are thankful that the police are now in the community, after having a meeting with those who are affected and now we are just waiting for the member of parliament to meet with the minister of national security for a formal opening,'' Hamilton said.

Meanwhile, the police promised to continue to strategically put itself out to serve the people in troubled communities.

''This is how we will be approaching the community aspect of crime-fighting as if we are in the area, then the police will be definately closer to those they serve,'' Sergeant Ian Purrier of the Community, Safety and Security Branch said.

Meanwhile, other local representatives are asking that the services be extended to their divisions.

''Right now I would want to have one of those stations in Kitson Town, as the Guanabovale Police Station is definately too far. By the time you report a matter those responsible are gone,'' Councillor Hugh McCook of the Red Hills Division, said.

The Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting, had toured sections of St Catherine where several trailer bodies were retrofited into mobile police stations. The efforts have proven to be a novel approach that is accepted by residents throughout the division.

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