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May 16, 2014
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Kranium says 'Nobody Has To Know' Shereita Grizzle
Shereita Grizzle, STAR Writer


Perhaps it is the topic; maybe it's the melody or the catchy lyrics. One may not be able to figure it out but one thing is certain, the single 'Nobody Has to Know' has captivated the dancehall space.

So overwhelming has been the response, that the video recently surpassed the million views mark on YouTube.

Over the past few months, the song has been gaining tremendous popularity, but many are unaware that the song they have come to love is more than one year old.

Released in April last year, by New York-based artiste Kranium, the track touches the issue of infidelity. Already a hit in the United States, the Jamaican-born artiste said he knew it was only a matter of time before it became a worldwide hit. He also explained that he was grateful for the openness in the music industry. "It is very rare that an internationally based dancehall artiste gets the 'buss' in Jamaica without having to go there to promote their song. I am very grateful for the positive response."

Kranium said he knew the track would be a hit the minute he heard the beat and penned the lyrics.

"It's just one of those things, from mi write the first verse and the hook, mi know say the song bad. We finished it the same day and released it about two weeks after that." The artiste said he's not sure if any one thing accounts for the song's huge success, but believes everything blended perfectly. "The melody and vocals on-point and the topic was just the icing on the cake," he laughed.

The entertainer told The WEEKEND STAR that the song was birthed from a Facebook post from an upset woman stating that her secret affair was no longer secret and the person she had been cheating with was the one to spill the beans. "It (cheating) is an experience we all have at some point, but if it happens nobody has to know about it. It should be between the persons involved in the act," he said.

Though he has no immediate plans to voice for local producers, Kranium says he has been getting a number of phone calls from interested persons. "I am not here to flood the market, I want to put out my best, and to do that takes time. I'm willing to work with any producer, but the vibe has to be right," he said.


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