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May 16, 2014
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Ginjah cries foul ... demands more love from media

Ginjah - Contributed

Reggae singer Ginjah believes there is a plot in local media to stop the progress of his music career.

"I really want to know what's going on regarding my career. Last year I had one of the biggest songs of the year. Since then, I have recorded other popular songs, and I don't see the media giving me the recognition I deserve. I honestly feel like there is a carefully designed plan to keep me out of the race," he said.

Ginjah also lamented that he recently won Male Vocalist of the Year award at Linkage Awards in New York, but was given little or no attention in media for this achievement.

"I would think winning Male Vocalist of the Year award would be something that media would highlight, but that's not the case. I think if another singer had won the award, it would be front-page news in Jamaica. it would be all over the TV and the radio. I'm not getting the respect I deserve. the way some people behave, it's as if my hard work doesn't mean anything."

Ginjah also cited instances his publicist received unfavourable response from media when interviews were requested.

"On a number of occasions, my publicist has been given the runaround, and a bunch of excuses, when he requested interviews for me. Some of the people at these media houses say they don't know Ginjah, some say I am not popular enough to be on their shows. When I hear these things, I just have to shake my head and laugh, " said the artiste.

However, the Sweet Killer singer said he is not fazed by the lack of attention from media.

"I have been around for almost a decade now. I've toured the world as an opening act for the great Beres Hammond. I have accomplished a lot since those days touring with Mr Hammond. After I left his camp, I recorded a number of hits including Never Lost My Way, Music Alone, Prayer and Sweet Killer. Based on the strength of those songs, I have toured Europe, the US, Africa and other parts of the world, several times."

Ginjah also stated, "People all over the world know me and my songs. So I would like to know how comes so many people in the local media claim that they don't know Ginjah. It simply means that some of these people are not keeping up to date with what's going on in the music biz, or they are only paying attention to their friends."

Ginjah is in the US promoting his recently released album, Urge to Love.

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