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May 19, 2014
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Bramma rejects Mr Peppa's war invitation


( L - R ) Bramma 'Di Gorilla', Mr Peppa

Dancehall artiste Bramma 'Di Gorilla' is turning a blind eye to a lyrical challenge put to him by fellow dancehall artiste Mr Peppa, who recently released a dis single produced by Truckback Records called 'Real Guerrella'.

According to Mr Peppa, known for his hit single Hypocrite Talk, he is the real 'guerrella' in dancehall and not Bramma who has several songs promoting himself as 'Di Gorilla'. In Mr Peppa's single, he classifies Bramma's moniker as being a monkey and not a gorilla.

"Anywey mi buck yu mi a guh dun yu cause yu mek the list, badness yu nuh mek fi dis yu cudda chat yu best lyrics; wi a di real guerrella out a road, Watch yah bwoy, real guerrella couldn"t be nuh cha cha boy, gwaan guh ask Spragga di Benz who a di real shotta boy," Mr Peppa deejayed while making fun of Bramma's song Cha Cha Boy.

However, when contacted by The STAR, Bramma said he was not going to be distracted by negative energy.

"I don't know who name Mr Peppa. Who name suh? Is a Heineken Star Time artiste? Mi a try surround my name with positive things. I just signed some artistes to my label, S Lock Entertainment, acts like Krucial 'Di Gorilla', Dymond, Idus and RP, and we just filmed a video for a collaboration called Have This," he said.

As for his single Cha Cha Boy, Bramma says he does not need to comment on Mr Peppa's bashing of the single because it is doing well internationally.

"The song is number one in Kenya and San Diego, suh mi nuh know dem people deh bredda," he told The STAR.

Mr Peppa recently released a collaboration with dancehall icon Bounty Killer. That effort is called Grungaad Gorilla.


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