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May 19, 2014
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Rosie 'Tutty Gran' resurfaces in new video

Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

Following her sudden rise to stardom in 2013, 'Rosie', the 'Tutty Gran' sensation has made another appearance on video. This time, however, her emergence is not well received by members of the Jamaican public.

In the five-minute-long tape - posted to several popular gossip-based local Facebook pages - scenes of Rosie and an unidentified man in a heated verbal exchange was to the dismay of several viewers.

While the root of the dispute is unclear, the footage is littered with a string of expletives hurled by Rosie, who spares virtually no threat in a dispute believed to be over a sum of money.

"And don't call out mi pickney dem name!," Rosie begins.

"Try fi gi mi mi money enuh ...," the man rebutted before being cut off by Rosie.

"Him nah no money fi gi yu, because yu woulda [expletive] rush him already. Him nah gi yu nutin, so yu haffi plan fi [expletive] war!" Rosie yelled.

'di lane deh ruff bad'

Throughout the video, things escalated to the point where several others witnessing the ordeal intervened to part the two, who were now face to face.

"Boii inna di lane deh ruff baaddd!!!! Wow!" wrote one viewer.

Another added: "She telling the guy to ... She need to rinse out her own, nine kids and talking like this, what a way to raise them smdh."

Brigette 'Rosie' Bailey made her debut into the homes of the Jamaican public in 2013 via a newscast, in which she animatedly shared her grouses with interviewers regarding a flooding incident that had taken place in her Sunlight Street, Kingston 13, community.

A subsequent remix was made by Kevin 'DJ Powa' Hamilton, who arguably played a part in bringing widespread fame to Rosie, whose short-lived stardom soon fizzled.

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