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May 20, 2014
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André Williams, STAR Writer

Firemen at a station in rural St Andrew came to the defence of their colleague last Friday after he got into a fight with a group of men, which started in the nearby community then escalated on to the compound.

THE STAR understands that scores of residents gathered at the scene, while shoppers at a plaza adjacent to the fire station filled the balcony overlooking the brawl as it unfolded.

Our news team was told that the fight seemingly arose out of an argument in which a relative of the fireman was told to go and do certain things.

An eyewitness told THE STAR, "a some ... argument and di fireman get involve and dem rush the fireman and den bare things."

A resident said, "Not even when there is a fire dem so active (laughing) ... Dem well trained man cause dem tek on the boy dem and defend dem friend ... One a di time a bare stone a fling ... man all a get knife butt ... all a peanut man dat was on the compound, a sell before the fight broke, had to run leave him goods, a try tek weh himself ..."

bare chaos

Our news team was told that some of the firemen, as well as some of the men with whom they were involved in a brawl received minor injuries.

THE STAR was informed that a police party on patrol later arrived on the scene; some arrests were made but not in relation to the altercation that involved the firemen.

"To di crowd weh draw out deh a bare chaos and police lock up a girl fi resisting arrest and indecent language ... When dem a run weh di people off the road, she did a gi di police dem bare argument," a resident told our news team.

THE STAR was also told that a group of men were temporarily detained.

The St Andrew North police confirmed one arrest and told THE STAR that further investigations were being conducted in relation to the fracas involving the fire crew.

When THE STAR contacted the fire station yesterday, a representative, who acknowledged being part of the unit, refused to say what had taken place. "I wasn't on duty Friday, and whatever took place I am sure is being properly investigated."

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