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May 20, 2014
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Horace Fisher, Star Writer

A feeling of gloom is now hanging over the sleepy fishing village of Salt River in Vere, Clarendon, following the discovery of the body of Dwight McCarty, 25, hanging by a length of cord from his ceiling yesterday morning.

McCarty's father, Leroy, said his son watched television until 9 p.m. on Sunday, before he went next door to where he usually sleeps. He said when Dwight did not wake up early as usual, he went to check on him and found him hanging.

"About 7, me wife say to me, how comes Dwight don't wake up yet, so I went to check. As me push back the door and move away the curtain, a so me see him hanging up," the senior McCarty said in disbelief.

A sister of the deceased, Ann-Marie McCarty-Thompson, said she last saw her brother last Tuesday when he came by to visit her in Freetown, and expressed a desire to make a coal kiln to earn money.

"He was in Kingston for a while and he came down last Tuesday and stopped by me. Him say him don't have any money, so he was planning on making a coal (charcoal) kiln, so that he can make some money. To my surprise, this morning my father called me and say Dwight killed himself," a teary-eyed McCarty-Thompson stated.

"Why he killed himself?" she asked shaking her head. "Him come down from Kingston and say him want to make some money, and now what, him killed himself!".

The Lionel Town police suspect McCarty may have committed suicide, however, a post-mortem will have to be done to determine the cause of death.

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