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May 22, 2014
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Video of beggar being mocked angers viewers

Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

A video of an elderly woman who was unknowingly captured on tape begging money for food, has angered viewers because of the manner in which she was being treated by the videographer.

In the two-minute long film, the woman, who appears in to be in her 80s, could be seen outside the home of the videographer shaking and scratching her arms as she pleads with the young woman to give her $50.

The elderly woman, upon seeing the girl with her cell phone in hand states shakily, "nuh tek me ... mi nuh like it," to which the girl lies, "a sumn me a look fah inna di phone; if me see di money, me put sumn inna me account."

'me a beg $50 or $100'

The elderly woman could be seen waiting patiently for the girl to 'check her account' for the funds.

The girl continued to lie, stating, "it nuh reach in deh yet Rose, suh weh me a go do is look inna house if me see none, yuh hear!"

When she returned, the elderly woman could be seen sitting on the ground speaking to another woman in the background, "A beg me a beg Deborah waa $50, but if me come back inna one week and beg him, him fi run me weh," to which the girl and the woman in the background laughed.

The elderly woman was then asked to repeat herself, to which she did and added, "me a beg $50 or $100."

The girl recording the woman mocked, "suh yuh have change? Suppose me gi yuh $100 yuh can change and gimmi back $50?"

The elderly woman, in a bid to convince the girl to give her the money pleaded, "give me di $100 and me and you a friend; ah $80 fi di big drinks or $90."

The woman in the background exclaimed, "Eh! A wey bag juice? Now it jump from bag juice to big drinks!" The elderly woman responded, "Big drinks will serve me longer."

me fi run yuh

The video concluded with the girl reiterating the elderly woman's earlier statement, "Suh if yuh come back inna a week come beg me, me fi run yuh?" To which she replies, "Mi nuh kno weh yuh guh do."

The videographer has roused the ire of viewers, with many sharing their disgust with the woman's actions.

"This is so not nice. This is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother. How would you feel if someone had done this to a family member of yours? Shame on you girl!" one posted.

Another posted: "Why must she humiliate the lady like this? Karma will bite her in the ass soon enough."

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