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May 24, 2014
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Guard locked in freezer at school

Thieves escape with cash and goods

The police are now investigating a recent case where thieves locked a security guard in a freezer and made off with a quantity of items from a high school.

The crooks are reported to have stolen two cash register machines, believed to have contained a substantial amount of money, as well as several items.

Amomg the items taken by the men were non perishable goods, snacks, and bottle drinks. While they made good their escape, the security guard was left to bare the cold.

The guard who was employed to the school was reportedly found tied up and locked away in a freezer by workers the following morning.

It was high drama at the traditional high school, as several students reportedly watched the security guard being untied, after spending what is believed to be several hours in the cold box.

Investigators have theorised that the robbers gained entrance to the cafeteria by breaking off a lock, while holding up the security officer. There are also reports that four other men, who were assigned duties as watchmen, were asleep during the alleged robbery.

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