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May 28, 2014
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Adventurous flavours for vodka drinkers
Leighton Levy, Star Writer

Smirnoff Vodka, in a bid to attract an even more adventurous drinker, has added two new flavours to their vodka line, introduced to the local market recently.

Hoping the engage the taste buds of women between 25 and 35 looking for new drinking experiences, they launched the flavours Iced Cake and Fluffed Marshmallow at the Terra Nova poolside event hosted by Miss Jamaica World, Sara Lawrence.

"We're very excited about these flavours. We believe they are going to create a new trend in vodka drinking and how consumers enjoy vodka in Jamaica," said Jermaine Bibbons, brand manager for Spirits at Red Stripe. "Similar to the effect that Apple Vodka had we really believe based on the feedback from our consumers that these new flavours are going to revolutionse the vodka tradition in Jamaica."

Bibbons said vodka is about a fruity, citrus flavour and they have done very well. These new flavours are set to do even better. "This is will be the first time there will be vodka with a cake undertone, a caramel chocolate, a new indulgent flavor. We are going to recruit new consumers who weren't even who were not even interested in vodka before and this is going to excite them like never before."

To ensure the flavours catch on, Smirnoff even introduced a number of exciting drink mixes using the new flavours - Mash-Mellow, Iced Orange Cake, Iced Strawberry Iced Cake and Fruit Cocktail - interesting and exciting to the taste buds and seems destined to become successes with the female clientele.

However, Bibbons believes the flavours will reach beyond the targeted demographic. "Our target is legal drinking age and above. Consumers who want to feel alive, who want to want to have exciting experiences, who want to try new things, people who want to be out of this world and adventurous."

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