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May 29, 2014
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Pregnant woman on assault charge to know fate

A pregnant woman is to know her fate after she was engaged in an altercation about a dead cat recently.

Nineteen-year-old Sarah-Ann Cunnigham from Tivoli Gardens, Kingston, pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm when she appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Monday.

According to reports, Cunnigham and the complainant were engaged in a heated argument, which escalated into a fight, and she allegedly bit the complainant in her face.

Cunnigham, who admitted to biting the woman, told the court that on the day of the incident they were discussing how the complainant allegedly killed a cat that belonged to her colleague.

"The evening she come from work, me and her had an argument about how she kill the cat, and we was up in each other face and she grab a board and I grab a broomstick and lick har and then we start fight and me bite har," Cunningham told the court.

The complainant added, "your honour, the owner for the cat approached me the evening and asked me why I killed the cat, I said I didn't know it was your cat. The cat always a come inna me house and a scratch up me daughter and me throw it away, and I told her I am very very sorry about it. Then she (the accused) jump in and seh, "yuh shouldn't kill the cat and so what if the cat come inna di house. If it come inna my house me wouldn't kill it."

She told the resident magistrate that an argument developed which eventually escalated into a fight, and the accused allegedly bit her over the eye causing injury.

Resident Magistrate, Opal Smith told the accused, "the only reason you are not going to jail is because you are pregnant and so for that you should say thanks."

Cunnigham is to return for sentencing on July 7.

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