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May 30, 2014
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Oldies lovers storm Footloose party
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

One of the many patrons who flock Footloose party.

As a staple on the party scene, Saturday's staging of Footloose was just as energy-filled as previous stagings when it was held at Mas Camp in St Andrew.

The parking lot, packed with cars, and the numerous vendors waiting outside almost blocking the entrance to the parking lot, were sure signs that there would be many patrons at the event. And from early in the night these oldies-loving patrons were being treated to some of the hottest songs of yesteryear from selectors ZJ Ice and Mixmaster Marvin.

With ZJ Ice, patrons were in for a sure treat, as he played some of the most popular soca and dancehall songs, such as Tiney Winey, Dollar Wine, All Night Party, Butterfly and Bogle that had patrons dancing. There was much admiration of the female body when he continued with songs like Coco Cola Bottle Shape and Things A Gwaan.

Mixmaster Marvin came next with much of the same, exciting patrons with Half Pint's Greetings that had them singing along. He followed with Dawn Penn's NoNo No and Bob Marley's Iron Lion Zion.

The Joyride rhythm, with Bashment Girl, Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet and Rubbers, was certainly a hit, but these songs did not get the 'forwards' that Ward 21's Bloodstain received.

Nonetheless, patrons continued to dance up a storm to World Dance and Bedroom Bully, before moving on to soca songs like Ragga Ragga and Follow The Leader.

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