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May 30, 2014
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Dave Spencer's wholsesale fueled by JNSBL

Dave Spencer (left) and wife Partricia look at items on the shelf at their wholesale, at 192 Orange Street, Kingston - Contributed

For Dave Spencer, his business does not exist just for profit, it is a community-based business geared to satisfying the specific needs of customers. Therefore, as he stocks his shop on Thursdays, he focuses on those needs.

The needs of the people in his community are simple, a variety of goods, in small quantities, at the most affordable prices.

He opened his wholesale at 192 Orange Street, downtown Kingston, last November to supply a canteen, which he operates at a health centre on Slipe Pen Road. however, he discovered a broader customer base than he envisioned. Today, the operation is structured to respond to his customer needs, from pricing to quantities and packaging.

"My customers ask for a lot of things. Most are not able to purchase items in large quantities. Because we are a wholesale, we try our best to facilitate them and also to keep down the price," he said.

Since he began operating the canteen, Spencer's business has grown and he has hired two additional persons, bringing his employees to six. The expansion would not have been possible, however, were it not for a JN Small Business Loan (JNSBL).

"The JN Small Business Loan was heaven sent," he said, pausing to help his wife Patricia, as she served a customer.

"I was strapped for cash and needed money to grow the business. The money came at the right time. I put all of it in the business, which has continued to grow."

General manager for JN Small Business Loans, Philip Bernard, lauded Spencer for his approach to businesses.

"Mr Spencer's business acumen is very good. He understands his customers' needs. The service he provides to patients and employees is commendable and his operation is also a source of meaningful employment. His approach demonstrates that small businesses are, indeed, good for the development of our communities," Bernard said.

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