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May 31, 2014
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Empress Promotions making a difference in music biz

Empress Promotions' CEO, Gloria Williams-Grant, believes her company can help to make a positive change in the local music business.

The Pennsylvania-based company is working with a number of talented Jamaican artistes including Tarnado, Trapycal, Rayne and Dane Hype.

"We plan to do things differently because most companies only want to work with established people. We are unearthing and developing new acts, so we can turn them into stars.

"There a lot of talented artistes all over the island who need help and guidance to get out there.

"We currently have a nice roster of artistes who we are helping to grow to get to the next level," said Williams-Grant, adding that she believes in good music.

"I believe that the message in the music has to be real. it has to be fun and uplifting. My artistes keep it real with the message in their music. they sing about the things they know about."

Born in New Jersey, Williams-Bent's grandfather is from Montego Bay and husband from Kingston.

Her involvement with musical talents out of Jamaica began after one of her many trips to the island.

"After travelling back and forth to Jamaica, I realised there was a lot of undiscovered talents all over the island.

"I mean, almost everywhere you go you, see people who can sing or play instruments. the vibe is so musical over there, but a lot of them don't have the necessary support system in place to get out there. Seeing that really influenced me to get involved and do something," she said.

On June 14, Williams-Bent's label will be hosting a party, Summer Escapades at the Comfitanya Restaurant and Lounge, in Mountain View, to showcase some of the company's talents, as well as other acts from the area. These artistes include Tarnado, Trapycal, Dwayno, Radeal, Tyrical, Eklypse, Jingo Bram, Mr Peppa, Dutty Josh, Voltage, Rayne, Dayne Hype and Jac Savvage.

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