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May 31, 2014
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Gunman loses bullets in fight

Flees after left helpless

André Williams, STAR Writer

An alleged gunman is lucky to be alive after the magazine fell from his firearm rendering him helpless during a recent altercation with another man, THE STAR understands.

The gunman, after losing the clip was stabbed several times in his back and upper body by the person he was attacking.

Following the incident, the gunman has been taken into custody while being treated at hospital and police are now in search of the illegal firearm which was brandished by the accused.

Reports about the incident are that during the tussle, the clip fell from the gun and was picked up by the knife wielding man who took the loaded magazine to the police.

An eyewitness told THE STAR, "Mi say I never see this yet, only ina movies. Mi say when the gunman clip drop, the next man just start knife him. A di people dem weh deh bout start scream and beg the rachete man don't kill the mattic man,"

Residents said that since the incident there has been a heavy presence of police in the area.

An elderly resident told THE STAR, "The police dem deh bout di place ya nuff from the incident ... dem a look hard fi the gun. Dem have di clip, so dem want the gun."


When our news team contacted the St Andrew North police, the division in which the incident occurred and where the accused is being held, a senior officer attached to the investigation confirmed the report.

"The alleged gunman is in the custody of the police, our investigations are ongoing as the firearm has not been recovered. We are asking anyone with information to contact or come in and speak with the police," said the senior officer.

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