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June 6, 2014
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Female dancer not dead...Picture posted on Facebook was a hoax
Shereita Grizzle, STAR Writer

Popular selector, Ikel Marvlus

There has been social media uproar after a photo emerged of a young female dancer, who appeared to be dead after attempting a dangerous dance move.

The picture which was posted to Facebook, has been getting serious attention with many enquiring about the fate of the female dancer.

The speculation game is now over. A YouTube video posted by Pon Di Spot TV confirms that the female seen in the photos is very much alive. In the video, the dancer whose name is Shanice, can be seen performing some of her trademark acrobatic moves at BG's Monday on May 26.

In the video uploaded last Friday, DJ Ikel Marvellous mentioned the now famous photo. "Stand up weh dem can see your face," he instructed. "You see da girl yah, dem have a picture a send round wid ar R.I.P. She lie dung pan ar belly so like her neck crick, but this is Shanice people and she is not dead."

He then proceeded to tell the gathering that the skilled dancer would be performing. Not long after that announcement, Shanice put on another display of acrobatics much to the delight of the crowd. Towards, the end of the six-minute long video, she could be seen re-enacting the 'drop dead' dance before getting up to retrieve the microphone. "Mek mi tell yuh this, every weh mi go mi get a name. A me say dancing and mi tek it to the world."

The photo being circulated shows the female lying on her stomach with her eyes open; the watermark on the photo suggests that the picture was taken at a popular dance session.

Since its release, many Facebook users have been speculating that she had died after attempting a dangerous dance move. There were even some who claimed to have been on site when the picture was taken, claiming that that she had died of a broken neck. There were others, however, who claimed that the female dancer was not dead, but had been performing a stunt dance that required her acting dead.


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